Request a Commission

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Simply follow this process to for requesting a commission.
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Send an eMail to DLSea Studios with the following information:

1. Select a tier (Mobling, Breezy, Talisman, Dragonscale). If requesting an organ solo, simply specify "Organ Solo".2. Choose 1-2 instruments you'd like to feature in the piece. (NOTE: Pipe Organ is not an option, unless you are purchasing the Pipe Organ add-on or an Organ Solo.)3. Describe the emotion or feeling you're going for.4. How long do you want your piece? Estimated Time (in Minutes)5. State the intended purpose of your piece.
Note: Depending on the nature of your project, you may want to consider a commercial package (see below).
6. Provide AT LEAST TWO (2) visual references (images preferred) for the inspiration, be it a person, place, thing, etc.
Note: If you are a live streamer, Vtuber, or Content creator, provide references of your model/overlay/screenshots/etc.
7. Any add-ons (live vocalists, musicians, etc.)?
Note: Add-ons are subject to availability and may change without notice.
8. Will this be a rush order?
8a. If yes, select an option (Swift, Lightning)
9. Will this be a commercial order?
9a. If yes, please select a package (Silver, Gold).
10. Is a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) required?Note: NDAs may be subject to a fee and terms per the TOS.11. Any other comments?

Send an email to [email protected] with the above information points. For faster response, title your email as follows:Commission request - your name here

Thank you for your interest in commissioning DLSea Studios. We look forward to working with you!